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One more time, managing versus leading

Brilliant leaders pay attention to the management of their organization, and effective managers spend time leading. There only choice to be made is the balance of time, and the amount of focus, that is spent between the two roles as is appropriate to a given individual’s function in the organization.

Here’s a quick recap of how managing and leading are the necessary two sides of the hierarchical coin.


Managing and leading are not oppositional but complementary roles for directing a workgroup, team, enterprise.

From frontline supervisor to “C-suite” executive, a given manager might alternate between these two roles multiple times in a givxen day. The important thing is that a manager do consciously, with intention. Spending too much time in either realm to the exclusion of the other can be problematic.

For example, someone who wants to ‘lead’ but never takes stock of current trends in the market, doesn’t assess input from multiple constituents, doesn’t pay attention to financial stability, may “lead” the organization right into oblivion.

Leading or managing is a false dichotomy. It is both. The only question is, how well can you do both?


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