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Aligning and Leveraging the Organization rss

You understand the many various systems of your organization. You know how to leverage those systems, to maximize their potential yield even as you may work to change them. You work proficiently within the systems; you inspire others to invest themselves in those systems.

Effective leadership requires organizational support

April 20, 2018

Leadership often is mistakenly described as the product of an individual’s traits or character (dynamic!, inspiring!, take-charge!). That approach overlooks at least two central elements to a person’s success as a leader: actions that produce desired outcomes, and the support the organization provides (or doesn’t) to enabling the leader’s efforts.  (The trait-approach to defining leadership also… Read More ›

Teamwork — Define the Model Carefully

Likewise, teamwork is not one thing either. Teamwork means different things to different people. There’s no common, much less a universal, definition of teamwork. And that’s why teams from boardrooms to operating rooms get into so much trouble when they proclaim they’re doing teamwork. They need to share a common model of teamwork.

How to Assume a New Leadership Post

There are two schools of thought about how a new leader should accept the mantle of a new post. Course One: Swift, dramatic action that undeniably signals change. A new sheriff is in town. Course Two, the converse: A low and slow approach –– take time to gather information, listen to many constituencies, make thoughtful… Read More ›