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You are committed to a high level of personal work quality. You monitor your own performance. Humbly and earnestly, you seek feedback on your work from a wide variety of constituents. You are committed to responding to the feedback you receive with action.

The accountability chain

April 20, 2018

When you struggle with accountability in your organization, most likely it is because you haven’t set the conditions for people to be accountable. For someone (group, team, unit, vendor) to be ‘accountable,’ four specific conditions need to have been present long in advance. Working backwards from the end product to the beginning of the process:… Read More ›

Does Leadership Development Work?

Chances are, no matter when you read this thousands of managers are gathered, right now, in hotel meeting rooms around the world participating in “leadership development.” They are dutifully learning about having a vision, setting priorities, making ethical decisions, coaching not directing their colleagues, and all the rest of the clichéd canon. But will any… Read More ›