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You are widely regarded as candid; a ‘straight shooter.’ You interact with individuals one on one comfortably. You are seen as ‘real.’ You speak to groups, as your job requires, competently.

The accountability chain

April 20, 2018

When you struggle with accountability in your organization, most likely it is because you haven’t set the conditions for people to be accountable. For someone (group, team, unit, vendor) to be ‘accountable,’ four specific conditions need to have been present long in advance. Working backwards from the end product to the beginning of the process:… Read More ›

Communicating: What do you intend, anticipate?

A leader influences the actions of others by communicating –– conveying information, in everything he or she does. Paul Watzlawick, the Stanford communication theorist, famously observed that you cannot not communicate. A useful corollary: You cannot not be interpreted.  In other words, no matter what signal you intend to send by your words or actions,… Read More ›