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You understand your own strengths, as well as your limitations. You maintain an attitude of continual improvement by leveraging what’s right and what’s working, coupled with continuous learning to expand your capacities. You’re willing to stretch, to risk reasonably to develop yourself in service to your purpose.

Seek actionable feedback

April 17, 2018

One of the paradoxes of leadership:  Your effectiveness as a leader is directly tied to how you affect others. Yet you cannot accurately know how you are perceived by others unless you can somehow ascertain their honest perceptions. As Shakespeare put it in Julius Ceasar, “the eye sees not itself, but by reflection”  (Brutus to… Read More ›

One more time, managing versus leading

Brilliant leaders pay attention to the management of their organization, and effective managers spend time leading. There only choice to be made is the balance of time, and the amount of focus, that is spent between the two roles as is appropriate to a given individual’s function in the organization. Here’s a quick recap of… Read More ›

Does Leadership Development Work?

Chances are, no matter when you read this thousands of managers are gathered, right now, in hotel meeting rooms around the world participating in “leadership development.” They are dutifully learning about having a vision, setting priorities, making ethical decisions, coaching not directing their colleagues, and all the rest of the clichéd canon. But will any… Read More ›